Why Go With Alora Pallets?

Why should you use Alora Pallets? Alora Pallets is a pallet manufacturer with your best interests in mind. Additionally, we are leading pallet manufacturers based in Anderbolt. Our main aim is to be the most customer-oriented box, crate, and pallet supplier on the market.

As pallet suppliers, we enhance our service by offering repair services on and off site as needed. What’s more, we also offer second hand wooden pallets of various sizes. Alora pallets is able to assist our clients with a wide range of products.

A Specialist Pallet Manufacturer

Alora Pallets (Pty) Ltd is a level 1 BBBEE owned company. As a pallet supplier, we began operations in 2014, and formally registered in 2016. We are specialist pallet suppliers, and suppliers of other packaging products.

As specialists, we ensure that we supply only ethical products to our clients. Thus, we source our entire range of products from sustainable sources only. For our wooden products, we use South African pine, Saligna, and KILN dried timber. This is our promise to the client.

Reliable Pallet Manufacturers

Pallet Supplier

Alora Pallets is a specialist manufacturer of pallets and other packing products.

As a pallet manufacturer, we supply various packaging products to our clients. We cater these products to customer specification, which include crates, boxes, and pallets. Our automated production lines are also up to date. Indeed, they can handle almost any quantity.

Our team of pallet suppliers works off a strong basis of experience and dedication. We have business expertise and strategic experience, improving our already outstanding reputation. Over and above our status as a leading pallet supplier, we excel in all aspects of our business.

Pallet Suppliers

Our project management systems ensure customer satisfaction.

An Efficient and Effective Pallet Supplier

We boast unique, effective, and flexible project management systems. These systems ensure positive outcomes in our endeavours for the clients. They also ensure that we can fulfil the needs of most projects, regardless of size and quantity.

We are a pallet manufacturer with extensive resources, experience, and capacity. These allow us to meet current and future project demands. When it comes to wooden pallets, boxes, and crates, we’re the pallet manufacturers for you!

Excellent and Competitive Pallet Suppliers

We strive to deliver the very best prices and service to our clients. This gives us an edge as a pallet supplier over our competitors. We also incorporate quality into our identity, with a strong commitment to your needs. As pallet suppliers, we pay attention to details both big and small.

Due to this dedication, we surpass our existing competitors. As well as offering excellent products and services, we always have the deadline in mind. Our efficiency allows us to meet any deadlines set for us.

Reputable and Certified Suppliers and Manufacturers

Alora Pallets is a registered ISPM15 pallet manufacturer. We are also authorised to manufacture heat treated pallets, crates, and boxes. As pallet manufacturers, our international shipping products meet all necessary export standards.

For wooden pallets, crates, and boxes, Alora Pallets is your preferred pallet supplier. We can also outsource specialised MeBr fumigation treatment for ISPM 15 (with certification). We are able to provide all necessary certification for our products upon request.

Need reliable pallet suppliers? Contact Alora Pallets today!