The Importance of Pallet Sorting and Pallet Repair

When using a lot of pallets, discarding the damaged ones can certainly prove costly. Pallet sort and pallet repair services serve to sort through your used pallets. The aim is to find and repair those with damage. Repairing pallets instead of replacing them can reduce turnaround time and costs.

Pallets are an integral part of transportation and commerce. Because of this, they sustain a lot of wear and tear. When pallets serve a large role in your business, they need regular maintenance. You should inspect your pallets after each use to asses them for any damage. This allows for a steady inventory of pallets without the constant need to replace them. A pallet sort and repair team can streamline this process, and take pressure off of your in-house team.

Repairing Pallets Made Convenient

Pallet sorting to identify each pallet for repair is a time-consuming task. This will take time away from your work force that they could put into other tasks. Using an outside team is your best solution here. Their pallet sort and pallet repair services can improve efficiency within your company.

Depending on your needs, you can find both on and off-site teams for pallet sorting and repairing pallets. On-site pallet sort and repair teams can work within your factory or warehouse. What’s more, these teams do not interfere with the day-to-day tasks of your business. If space is short, an off-site team can also assist with sorting and repairing pallets.

Old pallet pile

Pallet sorting is a long and time-consuming activity. Often, it’s cost and time-effective to have a third party handle it for you.

On and Off-Site Pallet Sorting

If you have enough room at your facility, consider installing a pallet repair station, as well. Here, trained professionals will have the space they need to perform their tasks. They will handle pallet sort and needed repairs. This, without getting in the way of your production or day-to-day business.

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Many professional pallet sorting companies are flexible, and will work around your needs. This extends to working on or off your work site.

Having an in-house station for sorting and repairing means you will always have enough pallets on hand. What’s more, they reduce the need for pallet deliveries. If any of the pallets of un-repairable, there are companies who will buy them for recycling.

Off-site pallet sort and repair is a better option for some. This is especially true for those who simply don’t have the space for such facilities. A dedicated station for repairing pallets is a considerable investment. Some pallet repair companies can schedule regular pickups and deliveries for repairs. This keeps space free for your day-to-day tasks and storage needs.

Trained professionals are available at the pallet sorting and repairing company’s facility. They can repair any damaged pallets and return them to you later. You can arrange this to occur at regular intervals or as often as you need. Pallets in irreparable condition will go for recycling. From there, you receive a credit or payment for their value. Wooden pallet sort and repair also pairs well with a pallet recycling program.

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