Questions to Qualify Pallet Supply Companies

When looking at finding a pallet company to supply you, it’s important to know which questions to ask them. If your business uses shipping pallets often, then you will also need a reliable supplier. Reliable pallet companies will allow you to streamline your facility with quality pallets.

You’ll receive consistent service, timely deliveries, as well as a tighter supply chain. Most of all, though, you can have the confidence that they will fulfill all your shipping pallet needs. Here, we will explore the right questions to ask your pallet supplier.

Inventory Size and Speed of Pallet Supply Company

Be sure to ask the pallet company about the size of their inventory, and how quickly they handle orders. Without a suitable inventory, or services quick enough to back it up, the company can’t do its job properly. Also remember: There is a big difference between peak inventory and average inventory.

Many companies have very large peak inventories, with small average inventories. Any pallet companies you use should have a high average inventory. This way, they are better able to handle any last-minute deliveries you may have.

Pallet Company History and Customers

Pile of pallets

You need to ensure that you get the pallet supply company that will meet your demands consistently. Remember, an ineffective means of supply will hurt your business in the short and long term.

The pallet supply company should have at least some history. Additionally, it should also have an established list of existing clients. If a company has been in operation for a long time, there’s usually a good reason for it.

Any business that doesn’t meet its customers’ needs won’t stay open for very long. Thus, you should buy shipping pallets from companies that have operated for at least a few years. They’re more likely to have the expertise and experience you need.

Communication is important. The supplier should know exactly what you need, when you need it. Maintain regular communication with your supplier to ensure that this happens.

On-Site Shipping Pallets Repair and Inventory Management

Any extra services that a pallet company provides could be beneficial to you. Even if you don’t intend to use them, it’s still a good idea to find out about on-site repair or inventory management. You’ll be very thankful if an emergency arises.

These services also provide an indicator of how competent individual pallet companies are. This is especially true if they provide these services for larger operations. Be sure to ask a potential supplier about these services before committing.

Network and Physical Address

The location and resources of the pallet supply company should affect your decision. If they’re located far away, then you may end up dealing with longer delivery times and delays. This is the last thing you need for efficient operations.

While reputation is important, it may be a bad idea to go with a company that is more than a few hours away from you. You want to receive your shipping pallets on time whenever possible. While isn’t completely necessary, but it does allow for room for delays.

Insurance Status

Insurance should never be an afterthought when dealing with any supplier. You will definitely regret asking the pallet company about their insurance policy after an incident. To this end, you should ask each company you speak to whether they have insurance or not.

This is absolutely essential for your protection and peace of mind. It will also contribute to smoother operations for your business.

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