Are Recycled Pallets Worth It?

New pallets are an attractive option for many businesses. But, sometimes a recycled pallet is all you need. New pallets come at a much higher cost, and aren’t necessary for some applications. Many operations can get by well enough with recycled wooden pallets. This is especially true for less intensive shipment operations.

There are many different recycled wooden pallet grades to choose from, as well. This way, you can get exactly what you need without breaking your budget. The recycled pallet option is ideal for many operations for a few reasons:

  • Near comparable weight capacity
  • Reduction in your business’ carbon emissions
  • Often shorter lead times
  • Competitive cost compared to new pallets.

Below, we’ll explore these reasons in greater detail, starting with weight capacity.

Recycled Pallet Product Weight Capacity

Recycled pallets have near comparable weight capacity to their new counterparts. This is especially true for a competent recycled wooden pallet supplier with decent quality control. Besides higher weights, recycled wooden pallets will handle loads as well as new ones.

If your warehouse doesn’t handle weights that are too high, the recycled option may be worth it.

Recycled pallets cost a lot less than brand new pallets. This passes massive savings on to you and your business.

Recycled Wooden Pallet Cost Savings

Recycled pallet products can pass massive savings onto you and your business. The main reason for this is that used lumber comprises the recycled pallets.

Recycled products can benefit both smaller facilities and high-volume warehouses. You can start by converting a fraction of your inventory to recycled wooden pallet products. By doing so, you can generate massive savings in the short to long term.

Recycled Wooden Pallets Reduce Carbon Emissions

One obvious benefit of going with recycled products is the carbon emission reduction. Recycling pallets means preventing them from ending up in a landfill. That, and otherwise usable lumber gets wasted, as well!

For each ton of recycled wooden pallets, you can prevent 1.48 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. Every pallet you recycle has an environmental value. This value can serve as a great public relations boost for your business.

Compared to new pallets, recycled pallets have a comparable weight capacity. This makes recycled pallets worth it for warehouses that don’t carry excessively heavy weights.

Shorter Pallet Lead Times

Consider this: A recycled pallet is already built. For this reason, it only needs some repairs for reuse. Additionally, turnaround time is much shorter as compared to building brand new pallets.

Through trained and experienced teams, repairs are quickly and efficiently done. For this reason, you can order and receive delivery of recycled pallets on tighter schedules. Keep this in mind next time you’re short on time!

Final Thoughts

A recycled wooden pallet has many benefits over their newer counterparts. They enjoy environmental, financial, and lead time advantages, without sacrificing much capacity. We have been serving a wide range of markets since 2014.

Alora Pallets have experienced, professional teams handling our recycled wooden pallets manufacturing. Through shorter lead times and lower costs, we pass the savings on to you! For operations both big and small, turn to Alora Pallets.

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