Effectively Switching to Recycled Pallets

In recent years, lumber prices have seen increasing instability. To combat this, many companies are making the switch to recycled pallet products. This has the benefit of cutting costs and increasing stable prices on their own products. Pallet suppliers are also happy to oblige this trend. It’s also possible to find the right pallet company to help you with an easy, smooth transition.

While the local economy continues its inconsistent growth, it’s predictability follows suit. Lumber is no different, with harsh high prices affecting many industries. Many businesses are making the switch to recycled pallet products as a result. You should make the switch to recycled pallets carefully. Reason being, you want to avoid missing out on any standards and productivity.

Luckily, there are three simple steps you can take to make the transition seamless:

  1. Team education
  2. Review and Audit
  3. Communication

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Recycled Pallet on Ground

Recycled pallets often serve as an attractive alternative to unrecycled pallets. They are cheaper, while still offering sufficient reliability to function as needed. Consider them for your business!

Switching to Recycled Pallet Products

For a seamless transition to recycled products, begin with team education.

Team Education

This step needs to occur before you make any changes to the pallets you use. It also needs to occur before making any potential changes to your pallet suppliers. Inform your whole team on the differences in recycled pallets. Also inform them of the reason you intend to change over to them.

Do your research here. Recycled pallets have different grades. Their standards for repair are also different to non-recycled pallets. There may also be other considerations specific to your needs. It’s essental to get your staff on the same page to ensure a smooth switch. This will pay off in a big way, especially in the long term!

Pallet Pile

Keep a clear and open line of communication between you, your employees, and your pallet supplier. This will make the transition to recycled pallets much smoother, and reduce unecessary costs.

Review and Audit Pallet Suppliers

Before making the change to recycled pallet products, take stock of your needs. You should conduct an in-person review of the products you intend to use. In doing so, you gain hands-on experience with pallets. You will also gain valuable knowledge on the products you will be using.

Besides pallet suppliers, you will need an audit or detailed review of your facility. This will determine whether the switch to recycled products will meet your needs.


Throughout everything, communication is the most important aspect. Communicate with your pallet company, your team, and your customers.Be sure to keep everyone well informed and in the loop. Communication will help you to work out problems early on. It will also make the switch over to recycled pallet products more viable.

Be as open as possible with your team, pallet suppliers, and customers. This way, you can resolve any issues that arise, and answer questions and concerns. Your supplier should also work closely with you to further ease the transition.

Alora Pallets – Your Preferred Pallet Company

Keeping these steps in mind, the switch to recycled pallets should be that much easier. With Alora Pallets, we can further ease this decision and make it worth the effort in the long term!

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