What Sets Alora Pallets Apart?

The task of finding great pallet manufacturer can be more difficult than necessary. If you use shipping packaging, having the best pallet supplier is vital for your business!

Specialists in Packaging Products

Alora Pallets (Pty) Ltd is a well-established pallet supplier. We have been operating since 2014 and registered in 2016. What’s more, Alora Pallets are a level 1 BBBEE owned company. Alora Pallets specialises in the manufacturing of wooden shipping packaging products. Being an ethical pallet manufacturer is at the top of Alora Pallets’ priorities. Alora Pallets manufacture all their products using only sustainable sources. These manufacturing materials include S.A. Pine, Saligna, and also KILN dried timber.

Excellent and Competitive Service

Alora Pallets offer competitive prices and excellent service. In turn, this gives them the edge as pallet suppliers. They commit themselves to quality and attention to detail. This allows them to meet any and all specifications to the letter. This commitment allows Alora Pallets to surpass the competition. This includes any of their potential or existing competitors. Contact Alora Pallets for any enquiries about their products. They are ready and waiting to exceed your expectations!

Piles of pallets

Alora Pallets is an established provider of pallet products and associated services. We began operations in 2014 and were officially registered in 2016.

Efficient Pallet Suppliers

Alora Pallets have unique and flexible project management systems for their packaging products. Because of this, they achieve only the best as pallet manufacturers. They are completely able to fulfill the needs of any project, regardless of its size or nature. Alora pallets have the experience, resources and capacity to meet any project specifications. They are experts in the field of shipping pallets and other products.

Alora Pallets produly offers an extensive range of products. We can cater to most needs for local and international shipping.

Local, Reliable Pallet Manufacturers

As pallet suppliers, Alora Pallets have an extensive product line. This includes many types of packaging products. These products include timber shipping packaging such as crates, boxes and pallets. Alora can make these products to meet customer specification, as well. The company uses up-to-date, automated production lines to get the job done efficiently.

Alora Pallets pride themselves on their team. This team has a strong footing in work experience and drive to achieve excellence. Alora Pallets have a stellar reputation among their clients. This is because of their strategic vision and business expertise. Beyond shipping packaging products, Alora Pallets strive to excel in all business aspects. This allows them to stand far above their competition.

Reputable and Certified

Alora Pallets is a registered ISPM15 pallet manufacturer. We hold this registration with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries. They also have authorization to manufacture heat treated pallets, crates, and boxes. Each of their extensive range of products meet international export standards.

Looking for a pallet supplier specialising in shipping packaging and other products? If so, look no further than Alora Pallets for your needs. They also outsource specialised MeBr fumigation treatment for ISPM15 (with certificate). On client request, they can supply certification for their packaging products.

Got a big shipment coming up? Why not use Alora Pallets’ extensive range of products and services? We’ll meet your needs and exceed your expectations on your next project. Contact Us Today!