Wood Pallets – The Advantages of Pallets

Wooden pallets are among the most popular items used for shipping. Most commercial industries make extensive use of them for shipping goods. Many use plastic and metal pallets, though the wood pallet is the most commonly used.

Pallets also serve as a unit of measurement. You can, for example, buy a pallet that holds a set number of products. For buyers, sellers, and shippers, wood pallets have several advantages over other methods of shipping.

Wooden Pallet Strength

A wooden pallet offers superior strength over other shipping containers. In fact, you can stack several heavy objects on top of eachother on a single pallet. This, without having to worry about the pallet breaking. Wooden pallets also keep their contents safe from ground contact. This keeps them mostly safe from water and other possible damage.

A wood pallet is also very reusable. As a result, the sender and receiver can use pallets many times before the pallet needs repair. You can further extend this by avoiding overloading the pallets and keeping them properly maintained.

Wood Pallet Portability

Pallets on forklift

Wooden pallets offer superior strength over most other types. They offer unmatched strength when handling heavy objects.

One of the main advantages of wood pallets is their portability. As opposed to transporting many smaller items, pallets can move a large quantity of them at once. Additionally, many smaller items stacked on a single pallet is much easier for shippers to track.

The products also receive a degree of protection when handled, as just the pallet moves. Most wooden pallets follow a certain size and shape standard. This means that they’re much eaiser for forklifts to lift and stack them as needed.

Pallet pile

Despite the materials they’re made from, most pallets are recyclable. You can get many uses out of recycled pallets.

Recycling Wooden Pallets

You can recycle most pallets, despite the materials they’re comprised of. A wood pallet may wear down over time, but can be useful in other projects. You can use the wood as mulch, compost, as firewood, and more.

Plastic and metal pallets are more directly recyclable than wood. But, they are also often more expensive than wooden pallet products. Metal pallets are less likely to sustain damage when used, but is also heavier than wood or plastic. As a result, they may not be the best choice, depending on weight restrictions.

Pallet Weight and Size

Wooden pallets offer much strength for their size. Despite this, they are quite lightweight, and also take up very little space. Any business can stack pallets in a manner that takes up very little warehouse floor space.

A wood pallet is also especially light; workers can even carry them by hand when unloaded. They also add very little weight to products stacked on top of them. As a result, they are ideal when trying to adhere to weight restrictions.

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